Welcome to Maujer's Minds


Haveing a one on one tutor can help change your child's or your own grades from F's to success. Mrs. Maujer specializes in math and sciences. She has been in the education field for 20+ years. With a 90% pass rate Mrs. Maujer knows her stuff. With no contracts Mrs. Maujer is an ideal tutor. Prices vary on subject and school level. Contact us today so that we can start getting the A's you or your child deserve.

If you or your child is stuggling in subjects besides math or science dont worry, Mrs. Maujer has complied a list of her tutoring affialites.

Our Students

  • Adults or college students
  • Gifted students
  • Home Schooled Students
  • Secondary School and older
  • Children with special needs (ADHD, Medications, bi-polar, etc.)

Tuttoring Subjects

  • Pre Algebra, Trig, Calculus and anything inbetween
  • Most Sciences
  • Spanish
  • Test Prep (Math: SAT, ACT, FCAT, GRE)